Healthcare sector development in Iran    


The outlook for Iran’s healthcare and pharmaceutical market is positive. Spending is forecast to grow at a similar rate to GDP, reaching nearly $40 billion (6% of overall spending) in 2020, driven by rising Health Ministry expenditure. Iran's population also is increasing. Iran is one of the most heavily populated nations in the world.  By 2020, it will have 84.2 million inhabitants–more than Germany. Roughly 30% will be age 19 or under, 60% ages 20 to 59, and 10% over 60. This represents a growing customer base for pharmaceutical products, with baby boomers of the 1980s now entering the workforce and fueling out-of-pocket spending.1 

Medical tourism has become one of the most lucritative markets in the world.  Iranian private sector medical institutions are developing major new facilities to attract international patients, especially those living in the Middle East and Near East region.