Global Public Health Diplomacy Experience

Since 2008, Oxford International Development Group (OIDG), a limited liability company in the state of Mississippi, USA, has been involved in facilitating mutually respectful, humanitarian cooperation with Iranian physicians and medical institutions. In 2009, OIDG initiated collaboration with Iranian Primary Health Care (PHC) experts to adapt Iran’s internationally recognized rural PHC delivery model to impoverished regions of the Mississippi Delta. Over ten
years the project generated positive international media coverage, including feature articles and news reports in the following press organizations and journals:

Global Health Matters/NIH Fogarty International Center

In 2013, OIDG began working with Swiss-based organizations, including the Graduate Institute of Geneva Global Health Policy Programme (Sixth High Level Symposium) and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS).  In 2015, OIDG moved its health diplomacy activities to Geneva.  OIDG's current focus is medical training utilizing Swiss and European academic institutions, and global research on strategies to more effectively integrate emergency trauma and critical care servcies for rural road crash and accident victims covered by PHC systems.